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Saudi Bazaar is the first Saudi e-commerce platform licensed by Saudi Arabia, managed by professional Team with Global quality, and focused on the Saudi market.
The Saudi Bazaar focuses on household, home appliances, air conditioners, refrigeration, home accessories, toys, electronic and educational toys, industrial tools, accessories and decoration supplies, garden supplies, building materials and other products.
Saudi Bazaar ….Is the first e-commerce Platform in the Arab world, allowing consumers to shop by choosing the city they want to ship to. After search, the results will show the products available in that city and can be shipped to it too, which means there are different products for each city at different prices due to different shipping and installation cost


Who is concerns:

The traders in all commercial activities, professionals,all people who have special skills, site owners, shops and others in all Saudi Arabia cities

Benefits and returns !!

Reach millions of consumers in the Kingdom Thru easiest and fastest way,  and achieve benefits without risk, pursuant to the slogan “We provided rent and support prices

Wide prospects

We adapt wisely between consumers’ needs for high-quality products and their purchasing power, so we develop, evolve, and continue to look for something new to continue together.

How to become a trader on the Saudi Bazaar platform

Reach millions of consumers, and to benefit from the ongoing support of merchants and sellers as well as free marketing, create your account as a seller and add your products for free and easily without paying any fees in a quick and simple steps. Enter your details and you will receive your PIN as a user to initiate display your own product according to procedures based on custom forms which prepared for you. Remember that since you are fully registered with us as a trader and you display your products, we will take care of all logistics support.

How to Become a Service Provider for Saudi Bazaar

The Saudi Bazaar is not only for Traders, but the opportunity is available to the professionals and small service providers .If you have a small shop in a city , or you have a workable car to deliver orders, or you are a (carpenter, electronics technician or any other hand jobs ) Saudi Bazaar give you a chance to invest your skills or capabilities, no matter how simple. You can open a permanent and reliable income through a database of thousands of customers and consumers around the Kingdom.

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